Beach Inspired, Mermaid Approved

My recent relocation to Florida from the hectic financial industry in Manhattan inspired my creation of jewelry that captures the essence of my new beach life in a wearable way. To me, beach life is magical yet simple and carefree and I wanted my jewelry to showcase this. I have always loved the beach, warm weather, (and mermaids) and my love of mermaids also plays a part in my shop and jewelry. I believe mermaids capture that whimsical, colorful, unique aspect of my jewelry. Fun Fact: Sirena is mermaid in Spanish which served as the inspiration for my shop name!!

My “magical mermaid moment” was escaping the grind to live out my dream life and in creating this jewelry I am hoping to bring everyone their own magical moment and little dose of escape. My hope is that my jewelry reminds people that they are never limited and it is not impossible to live the dream life you envision!

Along with wanting to bring everyone their own magical moment I also started LaSirrena because I wanted to create an online shop that exists solely to make the customer (you!) happy. My goal with LaSirrena is to make sure you have an enjoyable shopping experience from start to finish. When you shop at LaSirrena it is all about you! That is the value system I operate under and that means that I will work with you at any time on any issue you have; whether your order never arrived , you weren't satisfied with your order or you would like extra customization, I am here to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Don't ever hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns!

I have had so much fun making these bracelets and am continually coming up with new designs so keep coming back to see more! My goal is to send a little sunshine into people’s lives with each bracelet that is ordered!

Don't forget to add me on Instagram @lasirrena !

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